Selling a home can be stressful. Making the decision, preparing the house for sale, keeping it clean, waiting for a buyer, dealing with offers, and advancing to the closing table – all of these steps can involve discomfort. This is a huge financial transaction with many emotional aspects. But we can get it done!  I will guide you through the process, help resolve any issues that come up, and ensure that your home sells for the optimal price in a timely manner.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting your home on the market:

Pricing your home to sell

Prepping your home for sale

Potential buyers get an impression of your home – either positive or negative – within 30 seconds of walking through the door. Having them see your home in tip-top selling shape is an absolute must.  There are countless ways to put the freshest face on your home, many of them costing little more than a bit of your time. Here are a few pointers for the most significant impact:

• Clear any clutter and keep lawn decorations to a minimum.
• Mow your lawn and trim shrubs.
• Add bushes and/or colorful flowers.
• Sweep sidewalks, porch and driveway.
• Remove or update any dated or personalized fixtures.
• Put all toys away.
• Fix damaged gutters, shutters, siding or roof shingles.
• Add a tasteful welcome mat to the front door.
• Clean all windows inside and out.

A home inspection isn’t just for buyers. It’s also something sellers should seriously consider before putting their house on the market.  Why? Quite simply, you don't know what you don’t know. Imagine getting a great offer on your home only to discover, during the middle of the process, that it needs considerable repairs.  It’s better to know problems from the start, and either deal with them before listing or price the home accordingly.  

A seller's inspection also provides a reference point from which to compare the findings of the buyer’s inspector. In particular, having a different professional opinion can work to your advantage in price negotiations.  This can also be an effective sales tool. You can confidently say that your home has been pre-inspected and is in tip-top shape, making that much more attractive to buyers.

Consider a home inspection

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​• Clean everything! Check for cobwebs on ceilings and dust on baseboards.
• De-clutter. The de-clutter again. Rent a storage unit, if needed.
• Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls.
• Remove family photos and excessive wall decorations.
• Remove personal items, such as DVD collections and trophies.
• Replace worn carpets or clean carpets that are dirty but in good shape.
• Polish wood floors.
• Do a smell check and address any odors.


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Smart, competitive pricing is essential. When you price too high, your home stays on the market longer, prolonging the process and increasing your expenses along the way.  I will help set the right price for your home by presenting a Comparative Market Analysis that goes deep into stats about recent sales and current listings similar to your home in size, age, condition and features.